New LONG LIFE 70 mm Chisels

This year, BEDNAR has introduced a new product in the portfolio of expendable spare parts: the new generation of LONG LIFE 70 mm chisels for TERRALAND chisel ploughs. The chisels are based on the popular, highly resistant version LONG LIFE 40 mm that we started selling last year. Chisels in the LONG LIFE series are developed to achieve even longer durability than standard chisels. Their long durability provides consistent working depth, quality of work and many more advantages.

  • Considerably higher durability when compared with standard tools
  • Consistent working depth and quality of work
  • Improved recessing, lower demands for the pulling force thanks to consistently sharp edges
  • Almost no necessity to adjust the working depth according to wear and tear
  • Savings in time and costs of chisel replacement
  • Considerably longer use of machines in the season
  • Lower hectare costs of chisels
  • Optimal use of the tractor power
  • Savings in storage spaces and costs of transport

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