MEGATRON Sales team visited BEDNAR factories in the Czech Republic

At the beginning of July (8,9,10) in 2014 for the sales team of  Megatron EAD was organized trip to the Czech Republic to visit the factories  of Bednar and visit agriculturally farms in the country. The trip began with a visit to the sales team at the head office of Bednar, located in Prague. The team was given the opportunity to walk and learn about the structure and organization in the main office of Bednar.

After a short break accompanied by refreshments, the team continued their journey to the new plant Bednar, located in Rychnov nad Kneznou.
Megatron’s team was comprehensively familiar with the organization and structure in plant acquainted in detail with the new production line for powder coating machines produced by personally had.

They have the opportunity to walk around the work area  and see the new machines. Megatron sales team saw  practice workflow in the new plant and the organization there.

Also visited the store with new machines and where such finished dispatched to the respective dealer or customer.

Megatron sales team in front of BEDNAR headquarters.

The team in front of new factory.

In the late afternoon to the Sales team of Megatron was organized meeting with Mr. David Ruchand  hi  presented and  introduced them  to the new technological lines that Bednar offers its customers.
The next day the Megatron team visited oldest plant of the company, namely the place where it all began. Were familiar with the organization and structure of the plant, and also had the opportunity to become familiar with all new machines Bednar already available on the market thanks to Mr. Jan Bednar.

In working hall.

The store of new machines.

Was visited several farms where Megatron sales team  had the opportunity to meet with structurally and organization in the Czech farms and to share and exchange experiences and information with farmers from the Czech Republic.

Mr. Jan Bednar introduce the new machines.

Megatron sales team in Czech farm.


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