LONG LIFE – A New Series of Tips

BEDNAR has developed a new series of expendable tips with a longer lifetime. Higher level of resistency of tips and wings significantly lowers not only the cost of wear on parts but also the time required for exchange of working units (tips, wings…). New tips and wings Long Life significantly increase the lifetime of these parts and thus increase the effectivness of the machines use.

With new Long Life working tips and wings you will achieve quality, time and cost benefits:

  • Significantly higher lifetime than traditional standard parts*
  • Consistent working depth and equal quality of work
  • Improved penetration, lower traction power requirement due to the permanently sharp cutting
  • No need to adjust working width during the wear-out period
  • Time and cost savings due to fewer worn parts
  • Longer period of use during a season
  • Lower costs per hectar.
  • Optimal utilisation of tractor power
  • Savings on storage space and transport costs

New wear resistant Long Life tips and wings for versatile cultivators FENIX

New wear resistant Long Life tips for chisel ploughs TERRALAND

Soil test made in very abrasive soil conditions has proven up to 7 times higher lifetime of long life tips

Testing Long Life 80 mm tips at the Kraus Farm in Lomnice nad Lužnicí.

The high-quality tips was one of the reasons why the Kraus Farm puchased the Fenix machine.

Why use LONG LIFE tips?


  • Wear in length and thickness of tips affect function of
    the tips
  • Working depth of machine must to be readjusted
    according the wear of the tips
  • Worse penetration in soil profiles in case of worn tips
  • Insufficient quality of work


  • Minimal wear in length and reduced wear in thickness
  • No readjustment of the working depth
  • Consistently good penetration in soil profiles
  • Constant high quality of work
  • Much higher lifetime
  • Much higher machine performance due possibility to use machine effectively

The shape of the LONG LIFE working tips does not change over time and the tips maintain the quality of work at the maximum level for a long time.


  • Wear of tip lenght affects function
  • Worse loosening of tips
  • Worse mixing of tips
  • Worse work in depth
  • Formation of uneven bottom
  • Worse drainage
  • Worse penetration of weared tips


  • Minimal wear of tips length
  • Optimum loosening of tips
  • Optimum mixing of tips
  • Problem-free work in depth
  • Flat bottom
  • Optimum drainage
  • Constant quality of penetration
  • Much higher machine performance due to machine working effectively


  • Flat working angle
  • Soil profile is undercut
  • Soil is kept to upper layers
  • Low traction resistance for the tractor


  • Acute working angle
  • Soil is pushed (soil is not undercut as by new tips)
  • Soil is no longer kept in upper layers
  • Higher traction resistance
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • High level of strain on the machine (frames, bearing etc.)
  • Reduction of working speed


  • Permanently flat working angle
  • Soil is undercut
  • Soil is kept in upper layers
  • Constant low traction resistance
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Reduction of strain on the machine (frames, bearing etc.)
  • Higher working performance


  • Wear in width affects the function of wings
  • Loss of functionality
  • Worse undercutting of soil profiles
  • Worse mixing
  • Worse establishment of seedbed
  • Worse weed contro


  • Minimal wear in width of wings
  • Maintenance of functionality
  • Excellent undercutting of soil profiles
  • Excellent mixing
  • Optimum seedbed estabilishment
  • Effective weed management
  • Much higher machine performance due machine working effectively


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