Hungarian farmers in the BEDNAR factory

On 13-15th of May BEDNAR FMT hosted a group of Hungarian farmers in its factory in the Czech Republic. Besides the BEDNAR factory the farmers also visited a leading Czech farm, where they could experience the processes of modern farming in minimum tillage systems. The program was enriched with some leisure activities as well, like visiting a traditional brewery. Thanks to the nice weather and the good company the tour was a great success.

The first stage of the trip was Prague, where after a short sightseeing the group dined in a traditional Czech restaurant named U Vejvodů. Jaroslav Koreček, divisional sales manager greeted the group of 19 farmers, 2 specialized journalists and the representatives of Hungarian dealers Agro-Békés and Agrospic.

Visiting farm Bečváry

The second day the group visited the farm Bečváry, which is farming on 4600 ha arable land. Their main crops are rapeseed, cereals, sugar beet, grain maize and forage crops for their livestock breeding. Their animal production consists of 650 livestock units of dairy cows, 1300 units of sow and 1200 units of Angus cattle. Besides these activities they also operate a biogas plant.

Ing. Alois Nouzák describes their activities

A 600 HP CASE IH Quadtrac pulls the wide soil tillage machines

The farm is operating 2 wide working width BEDNAR implements. The 12 m Swifter cultivator is used for seedbed preparation and the 12 m SwifterDisc disc harrow is used for shallow stubble cultivation. After grain maize they use a 6 m Atlas heavy disc harrow. Mr. Nouzák, the director of the company, explained all the working operations and processes they are using to cultivate the land. He was speaking highly of the working quality of the machines and recommended the BEDNAR implements to everyone.

Unfolded Swifter: perfect contouring of the terrain

The SwifterDisc does the shallow stubble cultivation

The BEDNAR FMT factory in Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The next station of the journey was the BEDNAR factory. The group was greeted by Ladislav Bednář, owner and director of the company, who introduced the visions and philosophy of the company. He also presented the near future’s novelties. The next step was the tour of the factory. During the tour the farmers could pass through all the premises of the plant, and learned all the processes taking place here from the procurement of the components to the final assembly of the machines.

The BEDNAR factory

Ladislav Bednář introduces the visions of the company

Suspended powder coated elements transported on rails

Assembly points

Assembling of machines

Group photo

We closed the day by visiting the Primátor brewery in Náchod. Besides learning the traditional brewing processes, the farmers could degustate 20 kinds of beer. The next day after a good lunch we said goodbye to our visitors. I would like to thank all the participants for visiting our factory in the Czech Republic and I hope in the future we will host other Hungarian farmers as well with the same success.

Attila Szabó
Area Manager
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