First demonstration ever for Maskin Grupp in Estonia

Maskin Group is a small company even to the small country’s, Estonia, standards.  While the company is not young, it has been started in1994, the owners who are farmers as well took very careful development route, and according to them thanks to this choice the company is alive and growing after 20 years.

New winds                       

Being conservative doesn’t mean you never change.  That’s why Maskin Group has switched higher gear recently: sales force has been increased, marketing manager hired for the first time.  It was firm’s new marketing manager’s, Aleksandra Gaidunko, idea and job to arrange a demo day for local farmers.  “There were 50 people invited from 40 different companies. Invitations were delivered personally by our marketing team and all people invited were reminded of the demonstration over the phone the day before. Unfortunately, approximately 30% of guests said they would be unable to attend as the weather forecast was good and they were planning to work on their fields themselves.  Still 30 persons from 15 different companies attended the event. The interest was strong. Nearly all guests stayed after the demo to talk with our sales people and try the machines,” Aleksandra explains.

The next demonstration is planned for the second half of October 2014.

Machinery lined up in the field

Healthy interest in Bednar Mulcher MZ 6000

How did you say they are arranged?

MZ 6000 unfolding for demonstration

Gytis Slavinskas
Region: Baltic States 


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