First attendance at Ag in Motion, Canada

Bednar has attended Ag in Motion for the first time. Three machines were displayed at its booth 434 and one was set at the demo plot for daily demonstration. Bednar has been operating in the Canadian market since 2016 as the market started seeking for efficient tillage equipment that would help local farmers to higher yields.

As the demand for higher yields is constantly increasing Canadian farmers are looking for the options to intensify their production. As a couple years ago with no-till phyloshophy farmers are becoming much more aware of the side effects this method brings. Not always the less passes and less time can be the way to higher yields.

The side effects such as need for chemical and disease control have been witnessed.

Swifterdisc XE 12000 hooked to John Deere 9470 R at the demo field

Result of shallow stubble cultivation at 4 cm

For a few past seasons farmers started turning from no-till to shallow stubble cultivation as a natural renewing proccess of a weed and disease control. By shallow cultivation farmers achieves natural fertilization through fast decomposation proccesses and water management control by disrupting water capillarity at shallow depths.

Bednar has displayed two Swifterdiscs XE 12000 and one XO 8000 F stubble cultivators for quality cultivation at speeds of 8-9 mph. The XE 12000 are suitable for tractors 400 to 450 HP and XO 8000 F for tractors 290 to 340 HP. All machines were fitted with A-discs for better cutting and mixing effect due to its curved shape. Machines at the Bednar booth were configurated with heavy rear packers for preserving of soil moisture. Demonstration machine was equipped with basic slatted roller for high crushing effect of the soil clods and lumbs.

Swifterdisc XO 8000 F with integrated axle for better stability and better manouvering at the headlands

Swifterdisc XE 12000 with aggresive A-discs and heavy double U-ring packer

As many farmers said their next steps will be focusing on solving watterlogged issues and soil compaction caused by travelling heavy equipment on the fields for many years.

These issues can be solved by using Terraland chisel ploughs sometimes called sub soiler or deep ripper. The exhibited model was Terraland TO 6000 fitted with hydraulic securing and long lasting chisels with carbide points.

Terraland TO can work to the depths of 55 cm. Recommended output for pulling force of TO 6000 is 500-600 HP depending on soil types.

Impact of deep tillage can be seen in better absorption of water in wet periods and water supply of plants in dry seasons. Deep cultivation also disrupts the compacted soil layers and restores mineralization processes in soil. Thanks to access to oxygen, plants develop a better root system which is the prerequisite for the formation of phytomass in the vegetation stage.

Visible results can be seen in the first year. However the complete restoration of soil proccesses may take several years.

Terraland TO 6000 with hydraulic securing will be the next step in agriculture development even on rocky soils.

Bednar Team at Ag in Motion


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