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Field rollers are a long established technology of soil preparation. BEDNAR decided to further develop the field packer mainly due to changes in climatic conditions. The season 2015 was confirmation of how important they are. Field packers improve the flatness of plots, crushs soil paticles into smaller ones, but especially they help maintain much needed moisture in the ground and not only in the summer periods but also in springtime.


Deep loosening enjoys great popularity. Well aerated and loosened soil without  impermeable layers is the path to higher yields. This technology, as it turns out is still being used by many farms with good results. Many farmers say they still enjoy this technology, even though it has its limitations. The TERRALAND disrupts the soil compressed layers and loosens the soil either with or without the mixing effect. If agronomical practices require to retain water in the soil the TERRALAND can be equiped with an attachable packer, a PRESSPACK PT. The Mounted version of the TERRALAND does not have any packer. That is why we developed the GALAXY rollers that compress the soil and keep the moisture for seeds.

Further utilization of GALAXY rollers

GALAXY rollers can also be used right after the seeding in order to avoid losing moisture. In the spring time GALAXY rollers can be used for levelling and re-consolidation of the soil which is done through the weight of rollers and a front hydraulic levelling Crushbar.

GALAXY advantages

· Universal frame for different type of rings
· Excellent contouring of surface due to hydraulic pressure on working sections.
· Front levelling bar with hydraulic adjustment – Crushbar for excellent levelling of plots.
· Compact transport dimensions due to a folding working section over the drawbar.
· Permanent side pressure of each ring secured by spring – elimination of movement between rings.
· The possibility to use independetly or in combination with BEDNAR machines.



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