Field Day with the involvement of Bednar FMT

On 06.08.2014 was held “Field Day” which was attended by  firms PIONEER SEEDS BULGARIA Ltd (official distributor of DuPont fertilizer group Ruli – France) and company MEGATRON AD (the official representative of the brands  JOHN DEERE and BEDNAR for Bulgaria)

The event took place with the kind provide assistance to host cooperative ZK “Pobeda” –village Pobeda; Dobrich Municipality chaired by Mr. GeorgiMarinov.During the event attended by representatives of more than 50 companies – farmers and cooperatives of the entire municipality

Tilling machines Bednar with John Deere tractors

Conveniently located pavilion for visitors

After the presentation of the products of Pioneer Seeds Bulgaria and high fertilizer TimakAgro , Visitors were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities of the practice of soil-tillage technique Bednar FMT and quality of their operations.

Start the demonstration

After Finisher comes and ATLAS AO5000

That day were represented mainly machines for autumn tillage – heavy disk harrow with independent discs ATLAS AO5000 – 5 m working width and light disc harrow with independent discs SwifterDisc XO6000 – 6 m working width and also a cultivator-compactor FINISHER FE5000 – 5 m working width kindly provided by cooperative PK “Ustrem” – village Dropla chaired by DimitarGavrailov , which is used this  machine for more than 3 years and hi is very pleased with the treatment carried out. Attendees farmers showed great interest in the quality of the work of the two models disc harrows, and they not failed to note the high working speed which provide machines Bednar, although field trials were carried out a few days after deep plowing. After field demonstrations the visitors had the opportunity to look closely and in details the two types of disc harrows presented by Bednar and consult on their ability and technical parameters of dipl.  Ing.Vesselin Petkov – Area Manager Bednar FMT for Bulgaria.

Disc harrows after work are available to visitors

End of field demonstration

All farmers were impressed by the excellent results achieved by the light disc harrow SwifterDisk XO6000 working width 6m, aggregated to JD7230 tractor with a rated power 230 h.p. The other machine that particularly impressed farmers washeavychisel plough Terraland TN 3000D7R. Great working speed and excellent tillage (working at 50 cm.) achieved by this heavy chisel plough was based on the successful performance of Terraland during the field demonstration.  Thanks to all farmers in the region to participate in this event, but also on the kind hosts of cooperative ZK “Pobeda” and we hope this will become a tradition for the region !!!



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