Fertilizer Magazine with Deep Loosening Feature – Higher Level of Intensification

The availability of productive soil has suffered a significant reduction all over the world. Any increase of sales in vegetable production by enlargement of cultivated areas is basically impossible. Affecting the realization prices remains only a dream for most farmers. What options does a farmer have then? Improving the intensity on existing fields proves to be the right way to go. Improved intensity means cultivating the land to a greater depth below 30 cm in order to bring oxygen within deeper layers of soil, to launch the water circulation system often damaged due to extreme minimizing of works to tine stubble ploughs only and all that shall be further supplemented by depositing (targeting) of fertilizer doses into the plant depot.

Where to fertilize and how?

The company BEDNAR FMT has collaborated with a number of leading agricultural enterprises (ZS Sloveč, Agross Klíčany) dealing with the application of fertilizers for several years. In spite of numerous field experiments involving soil analyses most results showed the soil malnourished within the layer at 25-45 cm. The layer within 0-25 cm contains sufficient amount of fertilizers (spread by regular fertilizer applicators). Looking at the winter rape, for example, the plant can grow proper pole roots of 40-50 cm during the autumn vegetation period. With the soil cultivated to correct depth (25-45 cm), the sowing layer has been prepared to a reasonable quality standard and the root system is nourished with fertilizers even to a greater depth, this length is achievable. It must be also supported by rich root harrowing. Such strong root is able to withstand the winter time without snow and abundant with great frost to provide vital support to the plant from early spring. If the spring is dry, the plant will keep receiving nutrients and moisture from below.

How to cultivate the soil properly for application of fertilizer deposits?

Deploying the fertilizers into depths of 25-45 cm requires suitable equipment that can ensures such deep works. The working bodies of BEDNAR TERRALAND chisel ploughs offer the ability to cultivate soil to such depth levels to ensure the soil is fully aerated and the water circulation system starts up. The traditional tine cultivators with the max, working depth of 35 cm, their actual reach is limited to max. 25cm, are not really convenient for depositing fertilizer. Using this type of equipment does not even initiate revitalisation of the soil profile.

Shank of Terraland with applicator terminal for fertilizer depositing at  2 depth levels

What fertilizer magazine is the best suitable one?

BEDNAR has built several prototypes of deposit fertilizing machines over the recent period. Lots of technical and agronomic problems have been encountered. The resultant design brought the Ferti-Box FB magazine, the design of which was finalised after further prototype testing in autumn 2013, its definite and final shape has been developed in practical field operation. Credit for testing of magazine prototypes should be given to ZS Sloveč and Agross Klíčany and their great participation. Excellent input and experience with deposit fertilizing was also shared by Mr. Kmínek from the company Agro-Kmínek.

The Ferti-Box FB4400 magazine coupled with the Terraland chisel plough and the Presspack PT heavy towed packer for deep summer cultivation and application of fertilizer

Results of fertilizer application under rape, maize and sugar beet

Observation of crops has revealed that the best response to applied fertilizer is shown by crops like sugar beet, maize or rape. Ideal utilisation of the Ferti-Box can be found mainly during the summer and autumn months. Selection of fertilizer is vital especially for autumn application (for spring use). The best options include applications of phosphorus, ammonium nitrogen and potassium into greater depths using this method.

The deeper application is more convenient not only for heavy soils, yet also in case of big drought. The root system tends to growth towards the applied fertilizer (N, P, K). The fertilizer deposited at greater depths (ensured by Terraland) stimulates plants to induce deep rooting and their growth under harsh conditions and during drought periods.

Comparison of sugar beet crops 14 days since its establishment  (2. 5. 2013). Depositing of fertilizer (left) and crops established  by classic method (right)


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