Demo tour Front Ferti-Box FB 2000F with Terraland TN3000Profi in Germany

BEDNAR FMT subsidiary company BEDNAR GmbH held a field seminar with demonstrations of stock fertilization and deep loosening. One of the first stops was at the farm Agrar Produktion GmbH Niederzimmern farming in Thuringia. During a field seminar was presented successful technology complemented by deep loosening and fertilization in soil profiles.

Fertilization in soil profiles with deep loosening

Technology that BEDNAR  started as a first company on the recommendations of leading Czech farms, exhibits excellent long-term results in terms of increased yields. The technology consists in loosening the soil to deep (30-50 cm according to soil conditions and needs) with application of nutrition. Chisel plow starts water regime and aerate the soil. In the event of severe drought may lower soil moisture goes to the roots of plants, or vice versa, in the case of large rainfall significantly increases the soil’s ability to absorb large water torrents. Nutrition is applied to the soil profiles based on soil analysis.

Initiation of field seminar took Thomas Wojtalla,  managing director of Bednar GmbH

Filling and calibration of front Ferti-Boxu FB 2000F

Tools for increasing yields, Ferti-Box and Terraland

It is very important to deeply loosen the soil, to ensure chisel plow Terraland. In Germany, working on a demonstrations Terraland TN3000Profi. This machine is compared to standard Terralands equip with rear coulter section that levels field surface, cut the soil and crop residues into smaller parts. The fertilization can be done for trailed machines from Ferti-Box FB 3000 or for mounted machines from the front Ferti-Box FB 2000F.

Pressurized front Ferti-Box FB 2000F is attached to front tractor hydraulic

Fertilizer is transported from Ferti-Boxu pneumatically to distribtion head which is placed on Terraland.

The fertilizer is applied from distribution head behind tines of Terraland. Operator can adjust the depth of fertilizer placement.

Terraland TN 3000 Profi is very popular, thanks to the rear section of coulters, which significantly increases the quality of work.