Demo Belgium 2017

On the 26-8-2017 there was yet again Bednar demo in the region from one off our dealers Atelier Weyne in Sombreffe Belgium. This was the second year introduction of the Bednar machines in their region! So after last year introduction Atelier Wayne was looking forward to see if there is more interest towards to Bednar machinery. This year Atelier bring up to 7 different machinery to show farmers directly on the demo field.

At first there was a started demo with a SWIFTER SO_F 5000 in ploughed land. The machine has been assembled with the hydraulically operated crush bar, gamma tines, double cross kill rollers with finish roller at the end. As a nice standard the farmer’s impression to this machine was huge as the perfect set up of accessories allow SWIFTER to work perfectly in lough land.

Another different view of the machine was pointed to Gamma tines as this type of points are not usual to work with in this region (More common are Shares).

Almost after one demo the field was ready for seeding! As it is well known that the Belgium farmers like to have a soil ready as a foam for seeding.

Than it was time for the TERRALAND TN 3000 M7R to show his skills. Because in this area potatoes are a common, the TERRALAND can make a soil cultivation directly after harvesting potatoes as the soil is quite damage from the massive harvesters. It clears and mixes the field very good and the TERRALAND provides very easy to set up the machine deeper or more shallow for cultivating.

After the TN 3000 there was a show of the FENIX FN 3000L! The field was perfectly flat, loosen and mixed perfectly with the harvest residues. The FENIX can run very stable and keep his depth everywhere! The V-ring roller made a perfect pressed level afterwards! Than the SWIFTER SN 4000 with big shares did the job. It was surprising to see that after harvesting with the combine with this SWIFTER SN with shares the working was perfect!

In one row the field was cut, mixed and loosened in around 12 cm depth! After the SN we went to demo with.

The disc harrow machines! As first we started with the simple XN 3000 for lower horsepower tractors.

With aggressive disc was show how good the soil is mixed, cut and leveled after harvesting! And very important, the speed where it is done with was extremely high! After the little one we came with a SWIFTERDISC XN 5000 to have the same result but with higher input because off the 5 meter and speed till up 15 to 16 km/h. Also it was working with the aggressive A-disc. After showing the SWIFTERDISC XN machines it was the ATLAS AN 3000 with seeding unit on the top of the machine to show what is possible with a heavier machine! The ATLAS AN has 620mm disc and can go till 18cm deep. Together with a seeding unit it is possible to seed a fertilizer in a quick and even level surface. This machine is a very stable machine which keeps its depth perfectly and is very stable behind the tractor! Also because off his weight this machine prepares the field perfect!

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