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Deere & Company bet on BEDNAR machines

The American Deere & Company organised an official photo shoot in the fields of 1. zemědělská a.s. Višňové in July. They chose the black and yellow TERRALAND DO 6500 and a SWIFTERDISC XE 12000 machine, which later travelled to their new owners in AGRAS Želatovice, a.s., or ROLNICKÁ SPOLEČNOST PŘESKAČE s.r.o.

Deere & Company chose the Czech Republic for its official photo shoot. “We’ve been planning to organise a product shooting there for a long time. The Czech Republic is a well-accessible place where agriculture is at a high level. The agricultural areas are one of the largest in Europe, which was one of the crucial conditions,” says Martin Hučko, the Sales and Marketing Manager of STROM PRAHA.

John Deere RX9620 with StarFire 6000 receiver and combined Terraland DO 6500 chisel plough working with an accuracy of +- 3 cm.

A snapshot of the yellow and green set during a sunset.

The American company chose the fields of 1. zemědělská a.s. Višňové for its John Deere tractors at the recommendation of the exclusive supplier of STROM PRAHA. Most of the aggregated machines were BEDNAR machines. A series of quality product photographs and videos were made for promotion purposes.

“When a global leader decides to link their brand to our machines, it speaks volumes for your strength. It is unbelievable that we were the only company, with a few exceptions, that could deliver machines for the official shooting. We appreciate this opportunity and we accept the trust as an obligation to continue seeking new and innovative solutions for increasing crops,” says Jan Bednář, Sales and Marketing Manager. 

Photos were taken in the field and on the road. The Arrival of a John Deere RX9620 with a SWIFTERDISC XE 12000 cultivator.

John Deere RX9470 with SWIFTERDISC XE 12000 cultivator working in the harvested wheat field.



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