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New Zealand, where agriculture is one of the most significant elements of the local economy, but the conditions are very demanding, is a country which presents a challenge for many agricultural machines.  However, Bednar machines which have been used in the fields across this island country with success for some time have met this challenge.

Unlike European conditions where crops are harvested as grains, the fields in New Zealand are mostly used to produce crops for cattle feed. Nonetheless, well-established crops are of paramount importance. Therefore two farms have decided to use a combined seed drill, namely the Bednar Omega OO Ferti.

Omega OO 6000 Ferti          

This machine was delivered to a farm, near the town of OngaOnga, where the total field area is about 1500ha. The soils there are light and as this region is dry and windy, the soil faces a risk of wind erosion. There used to be rivers in the area, so the soils are full of sand and rocks. The machine will primarily be used to sow barley (250ha), pea (100ha), oilseedrape (400ha) and grass (100-250ha). The first experience with the machine has shown that the seed drill will do its work dutifully and provide top quality results. As the soil is at risk of wind erosion, many crops are established “directly” in unprocessed soil. The Omega Ferti has faced this task when sowing oilseed rape. It was fitted with cutter discs for cutting dry stubble and it placed the oilseed rape seeds in the soil without any problems.

The Omega OO 6000Ferti surrounded by farmers, the service team and sales representatives of our dealer, 4Ag.

The Omega seed drill has proved to be useful also for direct sowing in a very dry soil.

Omega OO 4000 Ferti

This machine was delivered to a similar region as the OO 6000 F but with completely different conditions. The soil there is heavy and abundant in rocks. The machine is fitted with a coulter section for seedbed preparation in tough conditions. The disc section has also shown the best of its abilities. A farmer speaks highly of the wide application of the machine: “I chose the Omega OO4000 Ferti because it is a combined machine. It is a “hybrid” which can be used both for direct sowing and for sowing in processed soil.  With an area of approximately 520ha, the 4 metre working width is more than sufficient for me and the possibility of fertilizer storage is a great advantage which was not available with my previous machine.”

Trouble-free Ferti system

The fertilizing system is of a great advantage in these conditions as farmers used to experience difficulties with competitor machines where the hoses got clogged with fertilizer as it is of poor quality. “We had to adjust the older machines ourselves and create a 2-hose system to the sowing disc so as to prevent it from clogging up when placing seeds and fertilizer in a single row. However, Bednar machines appear to be reliable and able to work without any re-adjustment which our customers value very positively,” say customers as well as 4Ag, the dealer for our machines.

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