CASE IH roadshow in cooperation with BEDNAR

On 9th and 10th of April 2015 Agro-Békés Kft. Organised an official CASE IH field day and seminar in Békéscsaba (HU). This professional event  focused on  high-horsepower tractor ranges therefore wide-range soil preparation machines from BEDNAR were the ideal partner.

The event was launched with a scientific background, The main aim being the examination of a very real issue, namely the reduction of soil compaction and the avoidance of the destruction of the soil structure. The continuously shortening agronomic time intervals push  farmers into using high performance machines, which evidently are getting heavier and heavier and cause greater damage to the soil. Furthermore, continuous tillageing to the same depth can also cause harmful soil compaction, plough pan develops at about 25-30 cm depth. The plough pan has a negative consequence on the water absorption capabilities of the soil. Last years heavy rainfalls caused long-term waterlogging on tens of thousands of hectares, resulting in massive crop failure, which in turn caused huge losses to the farmers.

BEDNAR machines at the CASE IH roadshow

Examination of the soil structure – the plough pan developed at a 25 cm depth creates a watertight and airtight layer

The solution to the above-mentioned issue is the BEDNAR Terraland chisel plough, which breaks up the compacted soil supporting rain water absorption (preventing waterlogging) and facilitating ground water access to the roots. The tines of the Terraland are bent in 3 different angles, ensuring that the lower soil layers (poor in nutrients) are’nt brought up to the topsoil, the plant residue is perfectly mixed with the soil and finally the top layer is closed.

7 tine BEDNAR Terraland chisel plough

The 3 angles enable intensive and effective work

Regarding the high-horsepower tractor segment the CASE IH offers several solutions to tackle the problem of soil compaction. One of them is the brand new CASE IH Magnum Rawtrac, which is equipped with a rear-track system. The tracks reduce soil compaction, improve ride on uneven terrain and put power on the ground. The tractor was pulling a BEDNAR Swifter SO 8000F seedbed cultivator equipped with gamma tines in 4 rows. The 580 HP CASE Quadtrac was working with a SWIFTER SE 10000 seedbed cultivator equipped with shares in 2 rows. When preparing the seedbed the avoidance of soil compaction is extremely important. The aim is to make a loose, aerated upper layer and a consolidated subsoil throughout the whole working width. In spite of the wet conditions we had during the demonstration, both BEDNAR machines performed excellently. They prepared a homogenous, precise seedbed throughout the whole area at a working speed of 15 km/h. This kind of effectiveness ensures enormous daily outputs.

BEDNAR Swifter SE 10000 working on the field

CASE IH tractor- BEDNAR seedbed cultivator combinations waiting for tryout

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