Capro-Petrovfarm has 4 years experience with SWIFTER SO6000

Back in 1992 the two brothers Petur and Kamen Petrov Vultchi Dol town, Varna area decided to farming and to this end created company “Capro-Petrov” OOD! For a number of years for soil preparation using traditional Russian and Bulgarian cultivators. Over time and as a result of their development in 2010 they decided it was high time to replace the machine for preparation of the soil for the purpose buy something modern, multifunctional and complex.

Bednar Swifter on Capro-Petrov’s farm

“After long study and compare the performance of different brands of machines available on the Bulgarian market, we have chosen a BEDNAR and their model SWIFTER! After consultation with a specialist from the company Bednar – Mr Petkov, and complied with the tractor power JD8270R we have chosen a model SO6000” says Mr. Petrov.The machine that they bought in the spring of 2011 is fitted with shares sections (overlapping shares, size 250 mm). The results of the seedbed preparation in the spring and autumn of 2011 were very good. All crops reached uniform growing due a high quality seedbed.

Traditional Russian cultivator

Mr. Petrov with his Swifter SO

Spring 2012 brought decision about Gamma tines

“As expected, the spring of 2012 to be quite moist and after further discussions and consultations with Mr. Petkov, we have decided to order additional units to the machine set type” Gama points sections” and the same year we used them in the spring – the results were more excellent than impressive” says Mr. Petrov. That’s a big advantage of Swifter cultivators, farmer can react very fast on current soil conditions and wheater conditions. Swifter’s working sections can be easily changed for 3 different types – gamma tines, share sections or SB sections. Each of them is better in other conditions. Gamma tines are very good in wet conditions, share sections are the best sections but the soil must be semi-dry or dry, SB sections are ideal sections for vegetable growers.

Swifter SO – gamma tine sections, tines in 4 rows.

Swifter SO – share sections (share size 250mm), shares in two rows

Gamma sections for spring, Share sections for autumn

Since then, to this day the two brothers used to spring campaign these sections( Gama points) , and for the autumn soil preparation for sowing rape wheat and barley used sections “Classic shares”.When asked about the technical condition of the machine and their impressions after 4 seasons of use, Mr. Petrov says “We process about 1500 hectares of land each year, and the soil preparation of these areas are doing with this machine – SWIFTER SO6000. The machine is in excellent condition, as those 4 seasons have corrupted and changed only one bearing. The machine is great and we are seriously considering the option of buying more 1 piece.”

Uniform growing of sunflower, seedbed preparation by Swifter SO 6000 with gamma tines (spring 2014).

Swifter’s are equip with double crosskill rollers with self-cleaning effect. Double crosskills are excellent in wet conditions and dry condions as well.

Veselin Petkov
Area Manager Bulgaria


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