BELGIUM first DEMO day

On the 10th of September BEDNAR attended for the first time its own demo day in Belgium with the first official Belgium dealer Atelier Wayne. It was a nice sunny day with high expectations from the local farmers. September is always busy always farmers, but Bednar with Atelier Wayne got their attention, to see the types of machine technology for the typically smaller Belgium farms.


The demo started with Bednars’ smallest model the 3m SWIFTERDISC XN 3000 assembled with an ALFA drill on top of the machine, which is very useful for cover cropping in one pass together with soil preparation with straw residues. The Swifter disc can also be set up to very shallow depths (5cm) so that it can be used for seedbed preparation too.

After the smallest diameter disc the next step was to show a disc harrow with a larger diameter disc (620 cm) in 3m working width called the ATLAS AN 3000. This machine is great for more plant residues due to the disc diameter and therefore the depth setup can be up to 15-18 cm. Toni Dierings commented: “This Atlas has really impressed the farmers as it leaves the soil nicely prepared and is also very easy to set up.”

One of the newer working sizes was shown from the carried disc family the SWIFTERDISC XN 5000 assembled with an A-disc for greater penetration and mixing processes.

All of the disc’s where shown in high speed so that Bednar could demonstrate that the design  works up to 15 km/h, and that the discs leave the ground flat, mixed and covered.


The FENIX FN 3000 L has proved to farmers that our design of a simple “grubber” can be highly competitive to other producers on the market. As one of the farmers quoted:” Some of the competition with the same features has no chance with your Fenix at the end of the job, if I compare known producers to this relatively unknown company called Bednar from Czech Republic”.  One of the  important accessories for the Fenix is, its back packer, in most cases the simple V-ring roller works perfectly in all conditions as it did on the demo.

The well known Bednar chisel plough the TERRALAND TN 3000 M7R convinced the farmers that this machine is not only a tine cultivater but also can create better soil for future conservation. Quote: “Deep tilling and easy to pull here, I would definitely see the benefit on my farm.”

And lastly the SWIFTER SN 4000 with SB-shares was shown. Before the Swifter had passed but after the discs and tine cultivators the soil was missing a precise seedbed. With the Swifter SN 4000 the expectation is high as it is one of the oldest product types from Bednar, the seedbed was perfectly prepared . With a variety of accessories that Bednar can offer, this machine can be used in any kind of condition where the seedbed needs to be prepared to the highest standard.

After a long day of demonstrations Atelier Wayne together with Bednar convinced the farmers that the tools from east Europe are made to high standards and for high demand customers in Belgium.


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