BEDNAR was represented for the first time in Outerville

BEDNAR FMT was initially represented in INNOVAGRI. Last year the manufacturer participated in the INNOVAGRI show for the first time in the south of France, this year we introduced our main products in OuterVille, North of France close to the city of Orleans. BEDNAR has operated in the French market now for 18 months and for BEDNARthe French market is becoming more  interestingas it is for the other traditional manufacturers.

Seed drill Omega introduced in France

Introduction of the new Bednar Omegaseed drill into the French market took place at the INNOVAGRI show2014. The Omega Seed drill gives BEDNAR FMT another member of the range of equipment manufactured such as tillage equipment, drilling and fertilizing. “I ampleased to have the Omega here in Innovagri. I want to show the drill to the french farmers and dealers. Omega has a massive potentional in the local market. We would like to deliver the first units in the spring of 2014.” commented Damien Digard (area manager France).

Bednar stand at Innovagri show

First presentation of Omegaseed drill in France

BEDNAR extended french team

During the Innovagri show the new team were presented. Yannick Barbaste an experienced salesman  for the south of France. „ I was looking for the right person who can help me to support our french dealers in the south and extend the sales network in that region of France. I have known Yannick for many years and its fantastic we can cooperate together again “. Said Damien Digard Another person who joined the french team is Mrs.Pavlina Golkova. „ We have delivered more than 100 machine units during the last 10 months and Sales brings a lot of paper work, Pavlina speaks fluent french. She is an important link between the dealers and the factory. We  also took on a third member for the team who is going to be trained up in the autumn of 2014 for the service department.“ Said Damian.

Damien Digard talks to french farmers

Yannick Barbaste explains advantages of the disc cultivator Atlas HO

The part of the stand wherethe  large machines of the Swifter SE 10000 and SwifterDisc XE 10000 (borrowed from french farmers).

Machines on show were spaced in agronomical lines

Damien Digard
Area Manager – France
Tel.: 6-65-02-84-20


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