BEDNAR showcases new machinery at Agroshow

During the largest Polish AGROSHOW exhibition, new BEDNAR machines were showcased. ‘We brought machines to Agroshow which could be of particular interest to the Polish market, especially the Fenix FO_L ploughshare cultivator fitted with a new type of horizontal securing and the Omega seed drill,’ says David Ryčl (BEDNAR’s Head of Trade). In addition to these two new machines, the Atlas HO heavy disc cultivator was also showcased in Poland for the first time.

BEDNAR expanding growing its business in Poland

‘We currently have 11 business partners in Poland who do not cover the whole of the country. During Agroshow, we made agreements with new partners who should be able to help us better cover Poland and streamline sales in a number of localities where we are not totally satisfied. Furthermore, we are planning to expand our team of area managers with an additional employee, so we can be even closer to Polish farmers,’ adds David Ryčl.

BEDNAR’s stand at Agroshow Bednary (Poland) 2014

Meeting with new BEDNAR dealers

New machines at Agroshow

Without doubt the most anticipated new machine for Polish farmers at BEDNAR’s stand was the Omega seed drill. Hitherto, BEDNAR has profiled itself only as a manufacturer of machines for tilling and mulching. ‘We lacked seed drill technology; many of our customers and dealers were impatiently awaiting the machine. It’s great we have something to offer. The first unofficial tests of Omega this spring turned out brilliantly,’ adds Area Manager, Tomasz Danek.

New on the Polish market, the Omega OO 6000 seed drill

The BEDNAR team in Poland, from left Tomasz Danek, Jan Bednar, David Ryčl, Artur Luczak

Another new machine was the semi-mounted Fenix FO5000L ploughshare cultivator with a new type of horizontal securing which proved itself on the mounted FENIX FN_L model. This type of cultivator is designed for medium heavy and light soils; for heavy soils, BEDNAR offers the Fenix FO with vertical double spring securing and strengthened frames. Also on view at our stand was the Atlas HO 6000 heavy disc cultivator with 660 x 6mm discs designed for cultivating land with a large amount of plant residue. The cultivator has its section set into an ‘X’-shape, which prevents the machine from drifting, allowing it to precisely follow the tractor’s tracks.

The new Fenix FO 5000L with horizontal securing

Also at our stand were the wide SwifterDisc XE 12000 and Swifter 12000 machines. Both these machines are sold on the Polish market

BEDNAR soil preparation and sowing technologies were described at our stand

Mounted machines such as the Swifter SN 3000 were also at our stand


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