BEDNAR OMEGA 6000 – Top quality in precision seeding, proved at field test in Bulgaria

The dealer of BENDAR FMT in Bulgaria – Rimex Technologies, organized field test for proving the top quality in precision seeding with BEDNAR OMEGA 6000. The versatile lightweight seed drill was tested in a grain-producing land near the town of Pleven, North Bulgaria.

The seed drill shows high level of precision in pre-sowing operations due to the implemented soil disc cultivation, caring soil moisture management, and precision seed application at the same depth across the entire width of the machine.

The seed drill performs several operations in one pass: soil preparation of soil surface profile in order to create an optimum seedbed, leveling, gentle soil rolling with rubber roller and precise seeding of the exact working depth using a PSP system – a special system for precise seed placement.

The PSP system allows the seed coulters to place the seeds at the same depth along the entire width of the machine as well as ensure perfect contouring of the terrain both transversally and longitudinally.

The company PR Invest Ltd., which hosted the field tests, handles 900 hectares of agriculture land for the production of sunflowers, chickpeas, lentils, oilseed rape. Mr. Aslanov, manager of the farm company said:

“We chose the Bednar Omega 6000 seed drill because of its greater productivity and better performance in heavy soils like ours. We have planted about 350 hectares, of which 130 hectares are with oilseed rape and the rest are wheat. The advantages of the seed drill are in the disk section, which prepares the soil and works very well. The other advantage is that the seed drill has pressure on each section of the sowing module and each of them is independent. For us,  the next important advantage is that the calibration output is placed well at a convenient location for easy operation. With Rimex company, we work and develop our partnership for over 10 years because their service is on great level, available 24 hours at any time.”

Bednar Omega performs high quality of sowing in dry soils thanks to the high pressure on the every seed coulter (up to 130 kg). The grain producers can choose inter-row distance of 12.5 cm or 16.5 cm according to the moisture conditions and the crop type.

The full management and monitoring of the seed drill is helped by full sized, colorful touch screen display connected via ISOBUS terminal. From here you can precisely set the sowing rate and monitor the quantity of seeds in the hopper as well as the areas processed so far. The data on the agro-technical operations with the seed drill can be exported to a database using a special software to manage the costs and use the data for other machinery in the farm.


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