Bednar Launches in China

Bednar FMT has started to sell its machines in yet another country. This time, the new country is China.

Farming in China is very diverse because it is a very large country. Bednar machines have started to be used in the new conditions in China, namely the Omega OO4000 Ferti seed drill. Beijing Agtopmach and the local farmers are planning to use this combined machine for sowing and inter-row fertilisation for direct sowing. The advantage of this application is the higher weight of the sowing machine. Another specific characteristic of the Chinese conditions is high seed amount, up to 450kg/ha for cereals and 350kg/ha for the fertiliser. During the test runs, the disc section proved its advantages: it cut weeds and incorporated them into the soil very well. This fact might be a good option also for other parts of the country.

Omega OO 4000 Ferti Seed Drill

The service team meets the new machine

Other machines that Bednar is planning to present on the Chinese market are the different versions of the Terraland chisel plough with different versions of FertiBox, the fertiliser container, and the Row-Master inter-row cultivator (which will be used for the cultivation of potato fields). We hope and expect that the Chinese farmers will gradually join the satisfied users who have had the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of the Bednar machines.

The set during test seeding in a field with a large amount of weeds

The proof of the quality of the OMEGA OO disc section