BEDNAR introduces new products at AGROmashEXPO 2015

BEDNAR FMT has introduced new machines to the Hungarian market at the AGROmashEXPO and Agrárgépshow 2015 fair which took place on 28-31th of January on the grounds of HUNGEXPO in Budapest. More than 300 exhibitors and 42.000 visitors attended the most important show of the Hungarian agricultural sector.

The BEDNAR stand

The BEDNAR stand was set up in pavilion G where our colleagues greeted our customers on a large space of 320 m². The success of our machines was measurable on the number of guests who visited our stand, more than 1,000 visitors showed interested in our products. While setting up our display grounds, we focused on the service of our guests, appropriate display of our products and aesthetic appearances.

There was a huge interest in Bednar products

The Omega seed drill was the top hit

The introduction of the Omega seed drill

BEDNAR launched its brand new Omega seed drill at this year’s AgromashExpo fair. This versatile drill is capable of sowing right after tillage, cultivation or into mulch.  Its most important comparative advantages are the optional 12,5 cm or 16,5 cm coulter spacing, fertilizer application, the PSP (Precise Seed Placement) system which ensures drill coulters place the seeds at an identical sowing depth over the whole machine width, the huge volume of the hopper, the easy and comfortable calibration solution and the precise seedbed preparation thanks to the huge variety of operating components. Regarding the huge interest shown in the seed drill BEDNAR will launch a demo tour in Hungary this year in cooperation with its official dealer Agro-Békés.

The Omega seed drill was the top hit

Omega seed drill

The new Atlas HO disc cultivator is perfect for corn and sunflower stubble management

The introduction of the Atlas HO heavy disc cultivator was also timed for the AgromashExpo fair. The structure of the machine is based on a different concept in comparison with the competition’s similar machines. The new X-setting of the disc section, the integrated axel and the three-segment rear packer all ensure stability. The machine does not jump and precisely follows the tractor tracks even at higher working speeds. The Twin-Disc system and the 660 mm diameter discs allow continuous and smooth work even on soils with a large amount of plant residue.

Atlas HO disc cultivator

Atlas HO disc cultivator

The well-tried Swifter seedbed cultivator wasn’t missing either
A 10 meter Swifter SE seedbed cultivator was displayed before hall G. This very popular machine amongst Hungarian farmers was equipped with spring Gamma-tines, hydraulic Crushbar, double crosskill roller and Finish roller.  The Swifter is capable of preparing a precise seedbed in any conditions just in one pass thanks to the exchangeable working sections and the huge variety of optional accessories.

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