BEDNAR Increases Production Capacity

The globally large demand for BEDNAR machines has forced the production management of the Company to increase its production capacity, which is very difficult at a time when the Czech Republic is experiencing its economic peak. “When the Czech economy is growing by 4 to 5% and the unemployment rate in our region is at a level of 3.5%,it is very difficult to recruit new employees that would help us with the production increase,” Vojtěch Bednář, BEDNAR FMT Production Manager, comments on the situation.

3shift Operation from mid-2017

During 2017, the number of ordered machines started to increase significantly. Their value and working width started to grow even more considerably. All of that leads to a significant increase in the average value of the machine,” Vojtěch Bednář explains the changes. In mid-2017, the Company successfully launched a three-shift operation, increasing the production capacity by 30%.

New Premises for Omega Seed Drill Assembly

The biggest issue we had to deal with last year was assembling the large number of new OMEGA seed drills. We did not expect such a large demand. Last year, we manufactured 74O mega machines. In 2018, we are planning to sell over 100 machines. We will not be able to do that without new premises and so we are planning to build a new assembly line, only for the OMEGA seed drills, in the new hall instead of spare parts which will have to be moved to another area,” Vojtěch Bednář explains the situation on the deliveries of seed drills.

Planned New Hall Construction

At present, the Company is dealing with the construction of a new, two-storey production hall with a total area of 7,500m², which could considerably aid the further potential production expansion. The hall is planned to be built in 2019.“If we want to be able to meet the demand, we have to build a new hall. In the current premises, we are able to manufacture 1,500 machines and we now have orders for 1,800 machines. The new production hall would let us manufacture 3,000 machines a year by 2020,” Vojtěch Bednář explains what the plans are.


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