BEDNAR FMT presented at AG QUIP

The start of the Australian spring has long been associated with the AG QUIP field day, near Gunnendah, New South Wales. This event is the largest field day of agricultural equipment in Australia. This year 3,000 companies and over 100,000 visitors attended the show, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. BEDNAR FMT displayed two of machines at AG QUIP in association with its Australian machinery importer Farmtech.

Implements, growth of popularity

Currently Australian farmers are in the main using ‘no tillage technology’ for soil treatment. Amongst farmers this is a popular method, meaning that the turning and digging of the soil is pointless, ineffective and old fashioned. Moreover the exhibition showed that farmers wanted to turn back the clock and treat at least the surface of the soil profile, use plant residues as a natural fertilizer and minimize the use of chemicals. The most apparent problem for farmers using the ‘no tillage’ method is the plant and pest resistance to chemicals which are necessary to grow high quality crops. As lots of farmers now see the ineffective use of chemicals, and the cost involved in using them, the realization that this is not an effective method is being realized.
For that reason there was significant interest to improve the value, quality and yields of their crop, by using some new “old fashioned” soil treatment technology.

Derek Modra, explaining the advantages of BEDNAR Swifter Disc to local contractor

One of the most asked questions for customers was: How does it look like folded?

BEDNAR offers great soil management

For the first time BEDNAR FMT with FarmTech Machinery presents a high speed disc cultivator the SWIFTER DISC XE 10 000. This machine has 10 m working width and in the folded transport position 3m width, Where the farmer would need 300 hp to pull at between 10-15km/h, The geometry, stability and design of this machine allows a farmer to go up to 15 km/h, which means in 10 m width (also produced in 12m) very effective soil cultivation and coverage.
The XE 10 000 is set up with a TWIN DISC system, A-disc, side support wheels and a choice of great rollers.
The second machine from the BEDNAR portfolio was the Slasher MZ 6000, which had already been shown by FarmTech Machinery last year on the Henty field days.

Mulcher MZ 6000 and Swifter Disc XE 10 000 side by side showing the great design from Europe.

XE 10 000 and its strong ‘rib’frame for hard Australian conditions.

AgQuip has attracted over 100 000 visitors not only from Australia.

XE 10 000 with heavy roller in the back, Steel Ring packer with scrapers which is great for sticky Australian clay conditions.

MZ 4500 video from Australia


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