Bednar demonstration in Belgium

For the second time Bednar exhibits at the field day in Oudenaarde in Belgium. This year the Werktuigendagen attracted 72,000 visitors over 2 days. During a period of nice autumn weather Bednar demonstrated a SWIFTERDISC XN 3000 F with ALFA DRILL, a SWIFTERDISC XO 5000 F, XO 8000 F, a TERRALAND TN 3000 M5R, a FENIX FN 3000 L and a SWIFTER SO 5000 F.

The conditions for work were good for Bednar to show the precision and accuracy of the design and construction. Benelux farmers demands are high with regard to the precision of work as the conditions are variable due to it being near the coast. As they say, “It has to look like a garden”. Most of the farmers grow vegetables and flowers where the precision and accuracy of the implement job is paramount. Bednar machinery demonstrates why its implements are perfect for this market.

Juraj Skolka
Export Manager




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