BEDNAR dealers have undergone product training on agronomy

BEDNAR dealers came to the Czech Republic during the last week of February to participate in  product training with a number of presentations given about agronomical aspects of the Bednar machines.

The traning day started in the manufacturing plant of Bednar where all product news and innovations were presented. Special attention was paid to the seed drill Omega OO that went through several innovations during the last year that were then subsequently tested in different soil condtitions and proved its capability to become a highly demanded product. The competitive advantage of the Bednar seed drill is the new coulter section placed behind the first two rows of discs. This section allows for work in the spring on heavy and wet soils by crushing the solid clods of soil into fine pieces. The Coulter section can be lifted up during the late summer seeding of crops.

The other new products include the FERTI-BOX FB_F front hopper, GALAXY GE Cambridge rollers, the ROW-MASTER RN inter-row cultivator which allows weeding of higher crops, e.g. maize and the combined cultivator the TERRALAND DO.

In the afternoon Bednar FMT presented a case study about deep ripping technology with banding placement of fertilisers into the soil profile. The study which has been done by independent experts from agricultural universities and organizations from ecology and environment field results of the studies proved that deep ripping has positive effects on root development of plants and gains higher yields and greater mass of organic matter. The studies supported by field tests were done for maize, rapeseed and sugarbeet.

Bednar has already announced that new experiments are being done for the current season.


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