Bednar corner in Maamess 2014

As every April, Maamess fair took place in Tartu, Estonia.  Bednar cultivators were taken there by it’s importer Stokker Agri.  Special yellow corner was formed in the stand where two disc machines – SwifterDiscs XN 3000 and XO 6000 F were displayed.  Although not being at the frontline the corner attracted many farmers.

Show machines sold out!

Usual reports from exhibitions proclaim proudly about contracts, big and small, signed there.  Usually, even if parties sign something there, longer or shorter periods of negotiations prelude that.  Not this time at Maamess!  Demonstrations were agreed at the fair and after them stayed at the new owner farms.  Farmers were impressed by machine features, but even more by actual results in the fields.

Bednar corner in Stokker Agri’s stand

Sales representative Ants Tust explaining the features of SwifterDisc XO 6000 F

Bednar Mulchers scattered over few stands

Oddly and contrary to cultivation range Bednar rotary cutters were present on few other stands.  That’s due to the fact that Stokker Agri has long term relationship with the other brand.  However this set up did not harm Bednar’s market position: we outsold Stokker Agri almost twice in Estonia!

Ergo Viil, Product Manager for Bednar, taking care of smaller farmer needs at SwifterDisc XN 3000

Indrek Pungar, Peetri Talutehnika’s that sells Bednar rotary cutters in the country owner and director, and farmer at the same time, standing besides Mulcher MZ 6000.  “Indestructible,” is his description for the machine.

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