BEDNAR at the Nampo Harvest Day – The Biggest Agricultural Show in the Southern Hemisphere

For the last 49 years the biggest agricultural show in the southern hemisphere the Nampo Harvest Day took place in South Africa and this year it celebrated its 50th anniversary at the 2016 exhibition. Over 70 000 visitors came to see the most modern technology in todays farming. The BEDNAR company which was represented by Michigan Equipment, which  is starting to build a strong image as a provider of reliable and high quality products has resulted in a new large machine delivery arriving in September.

As many european farms are dependent on subsidies the african farmers are on their own. This risk  puts a lot of pressure on them. Worse still is the ecological factors that affect their businesses.
As the world is going through significant climate change which is causing droughts and affecting farming enterpreneurs in Africa, the harvest predictions are not positive. African countries are going through their biggest drought in the last 12 years. This fact puts a huge risk on to farmers that dont have their land under irrigation. This years south african harvest with a rain fall of only 400 mm is expected to be half of that expected in good years.
This makes it more logical for farmers to intensify their farming practices and look to reliable and proven soil solutions.
BEDNAR entered the market last year and since then gained many progressive and forward-thinking customers. High demand of BEDNAR machinery has resulted in high stock delivery for the upcoming season.

Soil condition and structure

The purpose of plant root development is to grow deep and reach penetrated and preserved water. Most of the local land is deep sandy soil with high compression. The soil tends to sink and displace air pores and subsequently create hard pan especially with modern heavy equipment passing over the fields. For hard pan solution a deep ripper TERRALAND TN Profi was engaged in a three and four metre version. The shanks and clearance of the machine allows farmers to get down to 65 cm of depth. The ideal soil preparation for seeding is done by the Cutter discs in one pass.

SWIFTER SM 18000 with just one day remaining of the exhibition. By far the biggest soil tillage machine at the exhibition that got the attention of every single visitor.

BEDNAR sales representatives in South Africa with a delegation of the South African government.

Compete with lots of stubble trash remains

In areas where maize yields are high such as in South Africa the ATLAS HO works out the stubble remains. Wide 660 mm discs with spacing of 35 cm provide high output and stubble cultivation quality at depths of 18 cm. The rear heavy packers V-ring as showcased at Nampo compacts the turned soil to preserve its moisture. The Integrated axle provides perfect stability and easy turning at the headlands.

In spite of the long ongoing drought and low precipitation of rain the maize achieved only half of average yields.

Savannah grass and sorghum are the niche fodder crops in Africa that require high quality deep ripping products.

Make perfect seedbed

The Giant SWIFTER SM 18000 stood out from all the soil tillage machines exhibited at Nampo. This  cultivator was the centre of attetion of most visitors. With the unique folding system of the machine it is easy to transport on the roads. With such a large machine areas of up to 200 ha when working in 10 hours shift can be easily done.

Despite the slow market, BEDNAR machines are widely demanded with great potential of further growth over the Sub-Saharan African countries due to the strong relationship with Michigan Equipment and its large market footholds.

Local soils contaning small grains of sand are easy to compact making deep ripping a very important technology.

Maize roots can develop up to depths of over 1 metre. Roots are reaching the water minerals to gain needed fytomass for high potential of good yields.

Frikkie Hefer, Sales Manager of BEDNAR from Michigan Equipment and Peter Hlavica, BEDNAR Sales Representative in discussion with african farmers.

Unique folding system and massive daily outputs of the Swifter compactor were one of the highlights of the 50th Nampo Harvest Day Show.

BEDNAR machines as expositional part of Michigan Equipment and BPI Manufacturing partnership.

Deep ripper the TERRALAND TN 3000 and unfolding four-metre version help local farmers treat the soil in the right way. The ATLAS HO 8000 as a solution for high amounts of maize crop residues has proven to be an efficient tool in primary soil preparation.



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