BEDNAR at SIMA for the third time

The SIMA trade fair is considered to be the second largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in the world. It is held in France where it is much more difficult for manufacturers to survive than to enter the market. Offering new machines and innovations is a way to convince customers about the manufacturer´s power. It is the third time BEDNAR has participated in this exhibition, commencing its fourth year of operation in France. During this relatively short time, BEDNAR has managed to make its name quickly as an important player who can be a match for and even better manufacturers from Western Europe with a longer history.

France, a market with a capital “M”

“France was a big project for me which I started running at the beginning of 2013. At that time we were ready to cope with this highly competitive market in terms of products and services,” says Jan Bednář about the beginnings in France. “I got an excellent manager, Damien Digard, and we started building a commercial and service network together which now covers a major part of northern and southern France. During the next two years we gradually extended the French BEDNAR team, adding new sales representatives and service support,” explains Jan Bednář. France is the largest European market for agricultural technology, it accounts for nearly 30% of all sales of agricultural technology from the Atlantic Ocean up to the Urals.


BEDNAR FMT´s exhibition stand, 750m² packed with modern technology

The new Omega is one of the best new products introduced at SIMA 2017

Amongst the biggest attractions at SIMA 2017 the Omega OO 6000L and Omega OO 3000L seed drills with a sophisticated design and a new innovative machine solution. They became one of the biggest crowd-pullers at the exhibition, attracting not only farmers, but also other manufacturers of agricultural technology.

“We know that French customers are very demanding so we proceeded with caution. We established cooperation with the best dealers and it has paid off. Right from the start we decided to approach small as well as large farmers. Some farms already own complete machine ranges. We made another breakthrough last year when we managed to penetrate the market with seed drills as well. It was a seed drill which farmers demanded most at SIMA this year,” says Jan Bednář.

the new Omega OO 6000 L seed drill

the new Omega OO 3000 L seed drill

Work with crop residues and establishment of catch crop

In terms of the machine design, BEDNAR has focused on work with crop residues in recent years. Crop residue Mulchers have been innovated and fitted with a Trash-Fan which cleans the machine surface so as to prevent a build-up of crop residues. Work with crop residues allowing fast start-up of second growth is becoming a big trend in precise agriculture. This can be dealt with using a Striegel-Pro straw harrow. At Sima, we introduced the mounted model of the popular PN 7500 field harrow (working width: 7.5m) equipped with the Alfa Drill 400l hopper for establishment of catch crop.

Mulcher MZ 4500 with the Trash-Fan preventing a build-up of crop residues

Mounted Striegel-Pro PN 7500 straw harrow with the new original Bednar Alfa Drill 400



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