At the end of August 2014 the largest agricultural fair in Bulgaria was held. The BATA AGRO fair is traditionally held in the town of Stara Zagora.

BEDMAR FMT the Czech company producing agricultural equipment, with its headquarters in Prague and production facilities in Rychnov Nad Kneznou, held a 400 sq m stance at the show displaying some of its machinery in conjunction with its Bulgarian trading partner MEGATRON EAD.

The picture below shows the new generation of the short disc harrow with independent discs. The Swifterdisc XO6000-F.The exhibition by Bednar FMT focused primarily on its latest products which were on show for the first time to the Bulgarian market.

SwifterDisc XO6000_F in working position

The machine has several innovative features:

  • Integrated transport axle – thus achieving a better distribution of the centre of gravity of the machine, resulting in a reduced fluctuation of the machine at work in the longitudinal direction and in addition to this the machine is able to work in very wet conditions.
  • A System incorporating a Twin-Disc, i.e. two discs on 1 arm – thereby increasing the material throughput of the machine which in turn allows operation on heavily weeded fields.
  • Use of a new generation working ‘A’ aggressive discs – with its specific form these discs lead to a much better and easier penetration of the soil and excellent cutting and shredding of crop residues.

Another new machine shown at this exhibition was a Ciselplough, the TERRALAND TN 3000D7R_PROFI.


A new machine, characterized by its large working depth – up to 65 centimeters, exceptional strength and quick and easy adjustment for work compiling the subsoiler with an additional set of rollers known as Cutterpacker. Thanks to these rollers’ disc section farmers working with this machine have a real opportunity to save one or even two subsequent treatments of the soil and start to sow immediately after tillage using the TERRALAND TN 3000D7R_PROFI.

Special attention was paid to the top product of 2014 in the portfolio of BEDMAR FMT- The heavy disc harrow with independent discs, The ATLAS HO5000.


The impressive frame of this machine equipped with disk sections located in an “X” formation with independent working discs of 660mm diameter and a thickness of 6mm utilizing the Twin-Disc system of 2 discs on 1 arm.  Integrated transport axle and excellent 600mm diameter Cutpack rear rollers and cleaners. Its own braking system and substantial curb weight – over eight tons, provide a complete all round machine for the Territorial Manager of the company in Bulgaria – Mr Vesselin Petkov who is proud to say that this is the first such disc harrow on the Bulgarian market.
The fact that the working depth of the machine is up to 18 cm is significant and can now allow us to call this machine a ‘disc plough’
Thanks to its unique high strength steel construction and solid heavy equipment (in the literal sense) the disc harrow is able to deal with any challenges and to work in all conditions.
The traditional top seller, the Compact Swifter, which is in great demand, was shown at the exhibition. This machine is one of the most popular in the Bednar portfolio.
The swifter on display was the SE 10000, with a 10m working width (also available with working widths up to 18 meters).

“We would like to thank all the farmers who visited us and have chosen to work with us in the future. We trust we will meet all their expectations and requirements. We also would like to invite all their colleagues to follow suite and become partners with us”     

Mr. Vesselin Petkov – Area Manager Bednar FMT for Bulgaria.


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