ATLAS HO launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bednar machinery connects into a  large government project with implements to maintain the new arable area in Parc Agro Bukanga-Lonzo . The project will be running in 3 phases over 100 000ha, in which 3000 ha as the first arable area and 1600ha under irrigation. The total arable area is expected to reach up to 20 000 ha. The remainder will be used for fruit and nut planting, inhabition, schools, power plant, water reservoirs, dam, grain silos, roads, industrial zone etc. This project has been running for 3 years with around 500 workers.

Soil specification

After the bush land had been made ready for seed drilling the soil analysis shownan  acidic pH around 4,5. The regression was caused by the bush tree and it´s root reaction to being cut, which was releasing acidic resin. From a chemical point the acidic soil needs to be increased to pH 5,2 – 5,3 by using lime at 150 kg/ha.
On average the root systems are very large therefore the mechanization needs to fit the agronomy procedure. First thoughts were to pick up the roots and collect them.
This was not the right way as Jose de Melim project manager commented: “ We need to keep the roots down that way we have much less problems with seeding the corn, the roots need to be cut though. These two demands we are solving with an ATLAS HO 8000 from BEDNAR FMT. The machine is cutting the roots down in the soil and the back packer is preparing the seed bed for drilling.

Common root in ground.

After passing with the Atlas HO the roots are disappearing.

Farm equipment

The project is operating with new equipment of 10 large tractors, 20 mid-range kW tractors  and 20 small tractors up to 120kW. The 8 pieces of the  ATLAS HO 8000 are pulled by a Versatile 2375, at about 8-9 km/h to a depth of 18 cm. Disc harrows are used for all soil operations such are:

•    corn stubble cultivation,
•    green stubble and soil mixing to increase the soil organic matter,
•    root cutting and seedbed preparing.

The expectations with the available technology is to increase corn yields up to 4,5 t/ha from 2,5 t/ha in non irrigating areas.

Ronald Kraus from Bednar in training with tractor operators and servicemen.

Juraj Školka is explaining the advantage of Bednar machine technology to the  Minister of Agriculture , Emile Christophe Mota Ndongo. From the right: Jose de Melim (project manager), Juraj Školka( Bednar sales manager), Emile Christophe Mota Ndongo (Minister of Agriculture).


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