ATLAS HO and its application

This Summer did not bring enough rain and so farmers have had trouble processing stubble fields after the harvest. This situation was what has been happening in the south of Slovakia, namely in VelkýKlas. Agrolenss.r.o., a company based in Čenkovce, managing 1,500 hectares, specialising in plant production, mainly in growing corn, rapeseed, cereals, but also legumes. Their land is located in an area with heavy soil which was almost impossible to process using a light disc cultivator with a smaller disc diameter (520mm) due to this year’s drought. Therefore, they decided to test an ATLAS HO with a 5-metre width (disc diameter of 660mm) on these hard conditions.

A test for an ATLAS HO
The ATLAS HO is designed for corn stubble cultivation but its design also permits setting the depth to a shallow 5 – 8 cm, in spite of being a heavier machine. This depth is suitable for stubble cultivation of cereals. The maximum depth is 18cm, suitable mainly for corn stubble cultivation. For comparison, a light disc cultivator with a diameter of 520mm can also be set to a working depth of 8cm. However, the machine was not heavy enough to work in such hard conditions where the ATLAS HO 5000 had no problems entering the soil and incorporating crop residue. The advantage of this test also is that the owner uses the John Deere 8230 tractor with a pulling force sufficient for the five-metre width, while observing the working speed of 10 to 15 km/h.

“This year we’ve had truly extreme conditions and the light discs are not able to penetrate the soil, which is as hard as rock, and in addition to that, there is a large quantity of crop residue, therefore we were looking for a replacement that would have disc units individually attached to the frame of the machine,” the tractor operator says.

The dry and hard soil made it difficult after harvest for a lot of businesses

ATLAS HO 5000 adjusted to the working depth of 8cm pulled by a 230 HP tractor

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