Agritechnica: Mecca of Agricultural Innovations and products

On Sunday, 12th November, the gates of the largest world fair of agricultural technology – Agritechnica – opens. The fair attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. For exhibitors, it is also a place where they traditionally reveal their long-prepared products and innovations.

BEDNAR is going to reveal 8 machines at Agritechnica, 6 of which are new products. The Company paid a lot of attention to the development of the OMEGA OO 8000 L Seed Drill, the FERTI-CART FC pulled fertiliser hopper and the TERRASTRIP ZN 8R/45chisel plough for strip soil processing.

At the BEDNAR stand in Hall 12, there is a team of sales representatives ready to answer any questions until 18th November.

You can check out the first photos from the fair in our photo gallery:

Omega OO 8000 L – expanded seeding width by 2 metres

Omega OO 3000 L – new seed drill for small farms

Ferti-Cart FC 3500 – applies fertilisers directly into soil horizons

Terrastrip ZN 8R/45 – eliminates all-area soil cultivation and thus the risk of erosion

TERRALAND TN 3000 HD7R in combination with FERTI-BOX FB 1500 TN

Versatille VO 6000 – share cultivator for seedbed preparation

Atlas AE 12400 – wide stubble cultivator for high daily outputs

Row-Master RN 9000 S – inter-row cultivator which reacts to current soil conditions

Swifter SO 6000 L – seedbed compactor for work at high speeds



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