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In the world there are many exhibitions, field days and other presentations of the agricultural equipment and agricultural technologies, but none of them may be compared with the exhibition in Hannover. As the time went on, Agritechnica built up a leading position among the world exhibitions. Almost all manufacturers of the agricultural equipment including global …

In the world there are many exhibitions, field days and other presentations of the agricultural equipment and agricultural technologies, but none of them may be compared with the exhibition in Hannover. As the time went on, Agritechnica built up a leading position among the world exhibitions. Almost all manufacturers of the agricultural equipment including global players producing tractors and harvesting equipment are waiting for the opportunity to show the world what they have been working on during the past two years. Agritechnica is not only just about the news, at Agritechnica various agricultural worlds, i. e. Asian, Arab, African and, of course, European and recently also North American will meet. All this is Agritechnica.


BEDNAR at Agritechnica, as time went on….

The company BEDNAR first exhibited at Agritechnica 10 years ago under the name STROM Export s.r.o. At that time, our stand was situated in the very corner of the old exhibition hall and our first exhibited machine was a combined machine Finisher Mega FM 9000 series. The whole exhibition was organized and attended by the Sales Director Petr Procházka, who was accompanied by only one assistant, it was the year 2003. Since then we have regularly participated in the following 5 years of the Agritechnica exhibition. Since our first participation the location of our stand, the number of exhibited machines and the number of people on our stand have changed, but one thing remained the same – Sales Director Petr Procházka.


BEDNAR at Agritechnica 2013

The most competent person to give us the evaluation is surely Mr. Petr Procházka. The Sales Director, who was the first employee of the company STROM Export founded in 1997.

 Exhibition area at Agritechnica 2003 and the first exhibited machine Finisher Mega FM.Petr Procházka, Sales Director


Peter, what was the first year of the Agritechnika in 2003 like?

„The first year was extremely challenging for me. At that time I was the only person at the Sales Department. The Marketing Department did not exist at that time. I had to arrange everything alone including unloading of machines and construction of the stand. I remember that when I arrived at Hannover, there had already been all the machines of the surrounding stands located in the area inside the hall. I had no idea how to get our only machine inside. Finally I succeeded, but it was difficult. After I spent all week at the exhibition, I still had to take care of how to get the machine back out of the hall. Hard times, really.”

What were the other years like? 

“Every other year of the exhibition was always a little easier. As the company grew, we gradually recruited the responsible persons to fulfil various tasks associated with the exhibition. I remember the year 2007; this was important in terms of making new contacts, particularly in Eastern Europe. At that time we really started to export to the East, thanks to the exhibition in 2007. In contrast, the penultimate year 2011 brought us many contacts in Western Europe. In simple words, in 2011 the machinery, but also the background of the company was ready to export to the West. Also thanks to this, we significantly increased the share of exports against domestic sales.”

At Agritechnica 2013 the company was first presented under the name BEDNAR, what was the public’s reaction to that change?

“The transition to the new brand is always difficult. However, we well prepared for it. In the year 2012 and 2013 we gradually introduced the logo where the name Bednar was together with the name Strom to prepare the public gradually for the change. Lots of questions about renaming took place at the exhibition SIMA 2013 in Paris this spring. At Agritechnica most of the people already knew us under the name Bednar.” 

 This year’s exhibition in hall No. 11 attracted a number of potential buyers.


Why did you choose the name Bednar?

“When the owner JUDr. Bednář announced that it was necessary to change the name, we were not happy about it. The name Strom was after all already well introduced. We did not even think too much about the other option than to give the company the name after its founder. Moreover, in the company both owner’s sons and other members of the family Bednář are employed. In Eastern Europe it is not very common for people to give the company their name. It’s only risky, because the common names can hide a lot. We did not want that. The owner and our entire team believe in what we do. To give the name after its founder is a common thing in Western Europe and therefore the name Bednar was a logical and right choice.”

What were other important events for the company in recent years?

“I’m sure it was the completion of the first stage of construction of a new manufacturing plant in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. It’s not just about the process of manufacturing, painting and assembly, but also about feeling of your own. We are a young company, we started from scratch. We did not privatize any enterprises in the nineties. We had to work through and buy at market prices of already very mature economy. I remember well how I was attending customers and other suppliers of the equipment told them not to buy the machine from me because it was manufactured in a garage. Today, we are proud of it. “

What are your expectations from the news that you presented at Agritechnica 2013?

“We first introduced machines fitted with electronics. There were the seeders Omega and the hopper Ferti-Box. Many people asked me in the past two years when they could buy the seeders. I always answered to give us time enough because we were working on it honestly. As regards the machines for tillage, mulching or transportation equipment, we have an excellent team of professionals working for the company for many years and having a lot of practical experience. For machines that are controlled electronically, we first had to obtain these experts. Otherwise it would not be possible to start such a demanding project. It’s not just about the actual assembly of machines, but also about the proper service in case that the seeder will not work. Two years ago we succeeded to get the right people and decided to go on our own way of development from the dispensing system to the connectivity with tractors via the ISOBUS. Unfortunately, we could not show fully all the latest news, but the main pieces were there. I personally have great expectations from the Atlas HO with 660 mm discs and disc “X” sections. It is a machine that takes advantage of the new disc machines, yet it has something what our first disc machines Dowlands had – large discs, big weight and ability to keep the precise track behind the tractor. “

 At the head of the exhibition area there was a long-awaited seeder Omega Ferti.   The exhibited seeder Omega with the possibility of fertilization attracted the interest of many visitors.


 Our Company is developing the machines according to the farmers’ requirements; an example of this is the newly introduced fertilizer hopper Ferti-Box, which was presented in Hannover in combination with the Terraland DO. The new Atlas HO is designed to handle large amounts of plant residues.


 A two-story facility was available to new, but also to existing customers this year in Hannover. In addition to news for 2014, in the exhibition area of almost 500 m2 we could see also the other machines from our production programme. 

Ing. Jan Bednář
Export manager


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