AGRITECHNICA 2017: BEDNAR FMT is going to introduce a number of new products

At the Agritechnica international trade fair held in November, BEDNAR FMT is going to introduce six brand new products and two machines which were presented at the SIMA trade fair in France. The most-awaited new product will be the OMEGA OO 8000 L which will extend the seed drill series comprising three members so far. The machines will be launched to the market at the beginning of or during the next year.

OMEGA OO 8000 L: Extending the working width by 2 meters

The new OMEGA OO 8000 L is extending the seed drill series which had been produced with a working width of 3 and 6  metres. With the launch of the new generation of “L” seed drills (where “L” stands for light design consisting of a plastic hopper), the working width has been extended by two metres. The machine with a cross-shaped disc section will deliver a high daily output, making it possible to meet the required farming deadlines. The hopper has been extended by 500 litres, which means that the maximum capacity is now 4,000 litres .

Machines from the OMEGA series allow various types of crops to be seeded with an inter-row spacing of 12.5 or 16.5cm, with a highly variable seed rate both in the conventional and minimization soil tillage system.  The PSP system comes as standard – the disc seed coulters place seeds at an identical seed depth along the entire width of the machine and impeccably contour unevenness of the ground both in the longitudinal and transverse direction.

The rear tyre packer has an off-set arrangement. That means that in addition to stability during work and transport, it harrows and compacts soil evenly along the entire width of the machine. Intuitive control of the machine is provided by the ISOBUS terminal.

From the wide range of accessories, you can choose different seed flow sensors, switching off half of the machine, the Crushbar front paddle levelling board, the Frontpack tyre packer, A-discs or the popular coulter sections for seeding early in the spring.

The tractor traction force required with the 8m seed drill is 250  to 350 HP, depending on the equipment and soil conditions.

OMEGA OO 3000 L: New seed drill for small farms

The OMEGA OO 3000 L seed drill premiered at the SIMA trade fair in France in February. This machine is ideal for small farms.

FERTI-CART FC 3500: Fertilizer application directly into soil horizons

The FERTI-CART FC with a capacity of 3,500 litres is a brand new product. It is a pressure hopper cart designed primarily for direct application of fertilizers into soil horizons. It is designed so as to fully meet the requirements for work with and use of solid fertilizers. The hopper is made from plastic and its mouth is inclined at a high angle so that fertilizers of a lower quality can be used as well. The hopper cart is mainly used together with other soil tillage machines, such as a Terraland, Terrastrip or Fenix.

TERRASTRIP ZN 8R/45: Eliminates area-wide soil tillage, thus the risk of erosion

The first representative of the new product category of chisel ploughs for strip tillage of soil is the Terrastrip ZN 8R/45. As the name reveals, it is an 8-share chisel plough with an inter-row spacing of 45cm, suitable for soil tillage for sugar beet. The total width of the machine type on display is 3.6m. By eliminating area-wide soil tillage, there is a lower risk of water and wind erosion.

Increased efficiency of the technology can be achieved in combination with products from the Ferti series for profile fertilization directly into the crop root zone. Loosened and fertilized strips provide ideal conditions for a rich root system.

TERRALAND TN 3000 HD7R in combination with FERTI-BOX FB 1500 TN

This is a time-tested and popular chisel plough in a mounted design, with a 3m working width, where each of the 7 shares is secured hydraulically. The TERRALAND chisel plough processes soil up to a depth of 65cm and has a positive effect on regeneration of the entire soil profile as far as  below the compacted layers which are produced as a result of ploughing to the same depth and the use of heavy machinery.  This technology is ideal for tracks and headlands. Before establishment of oilseed rape and maize crops, area-wide soil tillage to a depth of approx. 55cm is recommended.

Increased efficiency of the technology can be achieved in combination with products from the Ferti series for profile fertilization directly into the crop root zone. In Hannover, it will be on display together with the mounted FERTI-BOX FB 1500 TN hopper with a capacity of 1,500 litres.

VERSATILLE VO 6000: Tine cultivator for pre-sowing preparation

A new category is represented by the universal VERSATILE VO tine cultivator. It is primarily designed for pre-sowing preparation of areas with a larger quantity of after-harvest residues or for intensive stubble tillage up to 15cm, thanks to the horizontal non-stop spring securing of each tine.

The machine tines are arranged in 5 rows. This design allows for excellent throughput of the material through the machine. Thanks to the perfect overlapping of the shares, even undercut of the land is delivered. The transport axle is situated in the middle of the machine which reduces the turning radius on headlands.

ATLAS AE 12400: Wide-mesh cultivator for a high daily output

ATLAS AE is yet another new machine. It is a wide-mesh trailed cultivator of a short concept designed to deliver a high daily output and save costs – thanks to its wide working width and high working speeds. Its main advantages  include the X-shaped arrangement of the discs, which prevents drifting of the machine, and positioning of the transport axle in front of the working discs. With this design, the machine does not sway while working.

ROW-MASTER RN 9000 S: Inter-row cultivator which reflects the current soil conditions

The ROW-MASTER RN 9000 S is an 18-row inter-row cultivator designed to disrupt soil crusts and regulate weed in sugar beet crops. The cultivator features various working sections (shares, chisels, covering tines) which can be set in a variety of ways so that it can be possible to easily reflect the current soil conditions and the crop size. Each unit works on a parallelogram seated in silent-blocks. This unique and maintenance-free solution produces constant pressure on the support wheel. The cultivator can be equipped with the CultiCam scanning optical system which can navigate the machine as early as from the  emergence of two genuine sugar beet leaves. This allows very early inter-row cultivation.

SWIFTER SO 6000 L: Pre-sowing compactor for work at high speeds

The SWIFTER SO 6000 L is an innovated pre-sowing compactor which is able to prepare the plot for seeding in just a single pass. A great advantage is the overall springing of the work frames thanks to the system which allows work with the machine at high working speeds of up to 15km/hour. Swifter now allows  crosskill-finish for greater consolidation of the seed bed.

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