A Successful 2017 for BEDNAR FMT

The fiscal year 2017, i.e. the period from 1.11.2016 till 31.10.2017,was a record-breaking year for BEDNAR FMT, manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Just as in the previous 7 seasons, last year also showed an increase in sales, namely by 18 % – to a total of EUR 51 mil. A great effort was made to reduce costs which led to a significant increase in profits.

The company achieved very good sales results on the domestic market, in Romania, Russia, Australia and Ukraine. Its machines can be found on 38 markets, with Switzerland, Canada and China the recent additions.

Targets were met mainly thanks to the traditional product ranges of Swifter, Terraland and Swifterdisc. There has been a significantly increasing trend towards the sale of wide-mesh machinery which is the company´s long-term focus. Deliveries of Omega seed drills saw a growth of more than 50%.

Within the company, there has been a reorganization of territorial responsibilities and measures were taken to achieve higher business efficiency in the future. The changes resulted in the creation of a new business strategy for the German market where the previous team had failed to live up to the management´s vision.

At this time, the company has received 40% more orders for machinery than in the previous season from all the continents in total. Given the production capacities, the expected growth of sales for the fiscal year 2018 is 25%.