A Historic field day for BEDNAR FMT

Keeping with tradition BEDNAR FMT held their field days, which are organized in cooperation with the ZS Slovec farm, in Mestec Kralove on 25-26.6. The plot just in front ZS Slovec‘s headquarters hosted the largest ever field days during which 22 combinations (tractors + machines) were presented in several rows. As expected, this year’s field day was not only the largest ever in terms of showcased items, but also in terms of attendance, which reached well over 1700 visitors.

Introducing the new vision

On the eve of the actual event (25.6.), there was a meeting attended by 450 major clients and business partners. During the program were the results and visions and results of BEDNAR FMT were presented.” I would like to thank all those present for their support and trust. Over the last 5 years we have come a long way from small company to medium-sized enterprise, which is beginning to build an excellent reputation for itself throughout Europe. I would like to especially thank the Czech farmers, who in recent years have done a tremendous job in crop and livestock production. In the Czech Republic there are experts who have achieved excellent results on a European wide scale. We are thrilled to be working with them. This success has had a direct impact on the success of our company. “ So Ladislav BEDNAR (owner BEDNAR FMT) kicked off the field days in the presence of foreign delegations and journalists.

Ladislav Bednar with his son Jan Bednar presenting their vision on 25.6.

The stand full of farmers and business partners

The presentation during evening on 25.6.

The view on stage and stand on 25.6.

BEDNAR presented its machines in lines based on technology

Machines were located in lines sorted by the technology for each crop. The main focus was on sugar beet, maize, barley and winter rape. During the presentations on stage were described individual lines and the results of these lines in the farms. The main topic that was highlighted was deep loosening combined with application of fertilizers into the soil profile using the Ferti-Box.

Presenting the different technology lines for different crops

Technology of fertilizing in soil profiles

The launch of new inter row cultivator Row-Master RN

Bednar officially launched a new inter row cultivator in Mestec Kralove for sugar beet, the Row-Master RN. “Sugar beet is getting more and more important in recent years. Row loosening is one of the field operations which contribute significantly to the increase of yields and the digestion of beet. The primary benefit of aeration is the removal of the soil crust and increased access to oxygen during the growing season. The Row-Master completes the technology that we offer to sugar beet growers: for autumn deep loosening by the Terraland with the application of fertilizers, in spring precise seedbed preparation done by the Swifter with SB sections and the inter-row cultivation during beet vegetation done by Row-Master.” David Rycl (Sales Manager BEDNAR FMT) shared with us. The 0Row-Master is a sophisticated cultivator, which can be equipped with a monitoring system for vegetation, the CultiCam. The CultiCam responds to vegetation from two true leafs of beet and it guides the machine to the inter rows. The Row-Master RN 8100 (18 rows) with optic CultiCam has successfully been running since the spring of 2014 at the ZS Slovec farm.

LIVE demonstration of 10 combinations Its work was presented in 10 combinations.

“Next time we will harvest a larger area, not because of the size of machines, but because of the number of people. From the third row there was no view of the machines….it was like in Brazil at football matches.” commented the moderator Zbynek Lounsky on the number of visitors. “We decided to present machines of larger working widths, keeping with the trend which was started a few years ago and has continued. Change is slow – a farmer, who had an 8m disc cultivator, looks on at a 12m. The other one who has 4m wants 6 m. “explained Jan Bednar at the field demonstration (Export Sales Manager).

Welcoming the guests on 26.6. from the right Lukas Hala (head of sales STROM Praha a.s.,  Jiri Sobota (farm director ZS Slovec a.s.) ,Ladislav Bednar (director Bednar FMT s.r.o.), Robert Schmiedl (country manager Dupont Czech Republic).

Bednar Row-Master RN 8100, 18 rows

A demonstration of Bednar‘s  wide disc cultivators, the SwifterDisc XE 12000 and the Atlas AM 12000.

The new disc Atlas HO 6000 disc cultivator with 660m diameter discs.

The Fenix FO 4000 time cultivator with an Alfa Drill for sowing intercrops.

The great interest around the Omega OO 6000 Fert seed drill.

A full stand of visitors.

A Busy place, even in front of the stand.

David Rycl (manager of sales), on the right Zbynek Lounsky (moderator).

The marketing team BEDNAR FMT after a successfull event.

Ing. Jan Bednář
Export Sales Manager


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