2015 in retrospect and acknowledgements, part II.

In the strong global market of tillage machinery, it is increasingly difficult to get ahead and offer new products to customers. Furthermore, thanks to current advanced technology and hands-on experience, farmers are more demanding. They can see the level of quality of machines supplied fairly easily and can assess their benefit from an agronomical point of view. More often, they seek manufacturers that supply not just machines, but entire technologies. In the strong competitive market, what wins is an added value in the form of new trends that allow the achievement of higher yields. And the BEDNAR company prides itself on such new direction. Thanks to this, in 2015 the BEDNAR company managed to keep growing and achieve record-breaking sales, while continuously increasing its market share.

World trade fairs are crowned with black-and-yellow expositions

Every second year, the worlds two most important trade fairs – SIMA and Agritechnica – coincide. The Black-and-yellow exhibition areas attract thousands of visitors and belong to expositions that stand out from others and are situated in the most prestigious halls for manufacturers of tillage machines.
SIMA 2015 was very different for BEDNAR to SIMA 2013 for many reasons. “This is where I started from scratch in 2013 – at SIMA in Paris. We built our stand, positioned our machines and I waited for the gates to open. I was familiar with BEDNAR machines and I knew we had a great chance to make it on the French market with the machines. After the first few days of the exhibition in 2013, I knew it was going to be perfect. It was very different this year as the stand was twice as big and I wasn’t on my own.  There were my colleagues and also sales representatives from the strong dealership network we have managed to establish over the last two years. Farmers and new dealers came to us knowing the names of our machines and knowing exactly what they wanted. I am very excited!” Damien Digard, the Area Manager for France, appraises the exhibition.
Agritechnica is considered to be the world´s largest trade fair of agricultural technology and simply it is the top promotional event where new products and innovations are regularly presented. Following a successful introduction of the BEDNAR company during Agritechnica 2013, the past event surpassed all expectations. In Hall 12, the BEDNAR company presented its new products and innovations for 2016. Our stand was visited by twice as many farmers than two years ago. This is a clear signal that they are seriously interested in our machines,“
“For manufacturers of agricultural machines, Agritechnica is always an important event. Everyone tries to show the best they can offer to farmers. I dare say that it was us who showed the best there. I would like to thank everyone who came to visit our exhibition and I look forward to meeting them again, at some of the yellow machines if possible,” saids Thomas Wojtalla about the trade fair.

Fair trade exhibition at the international trade fair of Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover.

Fair trade exhibition at the international trade fair of Sima 2015 in Paris.


Field day BEDNAR starts to make a name for itself

The annual BEDNAR Field Day that takes place in June at one of the largest and best-known Czech farms in Sloveč has bulit a strong name not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. It is becoming a prominent event where farmers and other people directly or indirectly related to agronomics meet. The Sloveč Field Day has become a synonym of expertise as well as entertainment and discussion. The BEDNAR Field Day is a show with a programme that makes it unique.“New machines and innovations, professional comments on the machines and crops, soil horizon analyses, machines arranged in technological lines with descriptions and consulting. All of that accompanied by documents on a large TV screen. That is BEDNAR Field Day,” David Rycl, Regional Commercial Director – Czech Republic and Poland, Business Operations Director, comments on the agricultural event.

BEDNAR field day has become an important event that always attracts hundreds of visitors.

BEDNAR 2016 field day will take place on June.

Thanks for your trust in us

„Considering the situation, our results mean a huge and unexpected success which I accredit to our long-standing and close cooperation with leading farms. The experience from the field, practical knowledge and ideas are successfully reflected in the construction of the machines that we continuously improve on the basis of actual agronomic results. Thanks to this never-ending and successful work, we increase the added value of the machines and, together with farmers, we create machines with properties that make them unique and together form integrated technological lines. Thanks to the technological lines, we are able to offer integrated agricultural solutions that are based on the various soil and climatic conditions of the individual regions. Contemporary agriculture is no doubt all about details that are crucial. And it is details that play a very important role in our corporate philosophy. Therefore, I hope that the these details will help our users achieve even higher yields in the years to come.,“ Balances Mr.Ladislav Bednář, the company owner, for 2015.



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