2015 in retrospect and acknowledgements, part I.

In the strong global market of tillage machinery, it is increasingly difficult to get ahead and offer new products to customers. Furthermore, thanks to current advanced technology and hands-on experience, farmers are more demanding. They can see the level of quality of machines supplied fairly easily and can assess their benefit from an agronomical point of view. More often, they seek manufacturers that supply not just machines, but entire technologies. In the strong competitive market, what wins is an added value in the form of new trends that allow the achievement of higher yields. And the BEDNAR company prides itself on such new direction. Thanks to this, in 2015 the BEDNAR company managed to keep growing and achieve record-breaking sales, while continuously increasing its market share.

Entry to new “exotic” markets

Right at the beginning of 2015, there was a drop in sales in the Russian and Ukrainian market. Fortunately, this loss was fully covered by orders from newly developing markets, mainly from Africa and Australia. In the foreseeable future, it is expected that the number of BEDNAR machines supplied to these continents will grow rapidly. A huge potential has opened up in Western-European and Eastern-European markets that are strong in terms of agriculture and into which the company invested considerable sums of money in the past. A significant share in the overall economic result was represented by traditional markets, particularly the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Despite the significant market share, we have managed to keep increasing the number of machines sold in these markets.
According to Jan Bednář, the sales and marketing director, the situation for the foreseeable future is positive: “We are one of a few companies that managed to keep growing in 2015 despite the slight depression in our industry,” says Jan Bednář and indicates which factors represent the foundation for success. “Customers see particularly the added value of our machines. We are always close to our customers which allows us to understand their needs. Furthermore, ours conscientious fieldwork, and excellent marketing based on expert knowledge and the results achieved in research.”

In 2015, a number of BEDNAR machines were delivered to Africa.

Developing markets include Australia and New Zealand.

New trends and technologies are based on farmers needs

In our company, farmers needs are considered to be the key to success. New everyday findings and yield limits give rise to new needs. Based on the needs, solutions are created in the form of new trends and technologies. Thanks to the close contact with farmers, a number of novelties and innovations have also emerged for the upcoming year. The BEDNAR company keeps conducting its own research and liaises with a number of independent research institutes. In previous years, there were attempts to verify and test the influence of deep soil tillage and fertilizer application into the soil profile on the development of the root system of basic crops. In 2015, the research was significantly extended with other significant projects and trial plots of land. The findings of which will be presented during our winter workshops, or during a visit to the manufacturing facility of BEDNAR.

Following interesting results of trials focused on the application of fertilizer into the soil profile.

In 2015, there were many novelties and innovations in the manufacturing programme.

The manufacturing facility has undergone significant changes


One of the major tasks for 2015 was to create and introduce a new infrastructure in the production plant and to switch to line assembly for the most popular machine models. ”The assembly line currently provides more than 60 % of the total production. We have managed to increase the production capacity of the plant and labour efficiency as well as quality assurance in the individual sequences of machine assembly thanks to the successful introduction of line assembly, which is similar to the automotive industry,” Vojtech Bednar, Director of Production Management.


Commencement of the new method of line assembly in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

Current view of the manufacturing facility in Rychlov nad Kněžnou.



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