BEDNAR FMT, Czech manufacturer of agricultural machines for soil tillage, sowing, fertilization and mulching, confirmed yet again that it deservedly ranks among the best manufacturers in its category and that it keeps strengthening its position also in the biggest world markets. BEDNAR raised turnover for 28% in comparison with 2013. The key markets remained to be the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, as well as Germany where a subsidiary company – BEDNAR GmbH – was established during 2014.

Great expectations and a strong potential were confirmed in the French market which saw a significant increase in the volume of sales. The original annual plan was fulfilled in just the first three months and halfway through the year, this plan was already exceeded by more than three hundred per cent. “In France I started from scratch in the spring of 2013. In a very short time we managed to convince French farmers of the qualities of the company BEDNAR”, describes Damien Digard in relation to the beginnings in the French market.

New markets and team expansion

In addition, the company BEDNAR takes steps to expand into new markets and it currently supplies its machines to countries of Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and Africa.  New and promising markets include Canada, Australia and New Zealand where we have managed to establish cooperation with strong and reliable dealers and where the first machines by BEDNAR have met their owners. Other new markets are represented by Kazakhstan and South Africa.

In parallel with the growing number of exported machines, requirements emerge for a bigger number of employees. It was possible to expand the sales network with support of new regional managers in France, Germany and Poland, where the number of service staff was also increased – the staff can now provide even better and more immediate service and provide adequate support to local retailers selling BEDNAR technology.

Exhibitions and field days

Premier machines BEDNAR were introduced at exhibitions throughout the world. The most important foreign events included exhibitions Innovagri in France, Agrosalon in Moscow, Agroshow in Poland, as well as AgQuip in Australia and Grasslandz in New Zealand. Domestic events were dominated by the record-breaking Techagro where the company BEDNAR presented its machines at both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas covering 1400 m2 in total. Halfway through the year, another annual field day was held in Sloveč which also ranked among record-breaking events in terms of the number of visitors and presented machines demonstrated in field conditions in sequential order of all work operations from harvesting to sowing and fertilization.

New assembly and storage facilitie

In the autumn of 2013, the company BEDNAR managed to successfully finish roads and parking areas in the premises of the manufacturing plant in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. In the second half of 2014, modernization of the oldest hall, originally intended for welding of large complexes, was accomplished.

The modernized hall expanded the assembly capacities by another 1200 m2. Part of the modernized hall is also designated for pre-assembly of components for Swifterdisc and Fenix machines whereby the time the machines stay at the assembly site was reduced. “Thanks to starting our own powder paint shop last year, our entire production process was speeded up significantly. Despite increasing the assembly capacities in 2013, due to a fast-growing demand we had to expedite the investment into the modernization of the hall so as to maintain continuity of the production flow up to the final output – assembly. Assembly of the most popular machines in 2015 shall be implemented via assembly line production,” describes Vojtech Bednar in relation to the reasons for modernization.
In 2014, BEDNAR FMT created new storage facilities by opening a spare parts centre. The new spare parts centre is situated in the immediate vicinity of the main production plant and it has a sheltered area of 2400 m2 and extensive outdoor areas available.

“I am pleased that we managed to ensure a multiple increase in the space for the storage capacity which is now sufficient and allows quality and well-arranged storage of parts. In 2014, we also improved the system for identification of parts for end users,” says Jiri Hovad, head of the spare parts department.

New machines and innovations

Thanks to the new, modern production, the company BEDNAR FMT is able to reflect ideas into machines both technically and technologically. By combining agronomic ideas and technical possibilities, new products with innovative features are developed which help to move up performances and work quality in practice.

The first news of 2015 is the inter-row cultivator Row-Master RN, which can significantly improve vegetative conditions of wide-row crops, such as sugar beet. The machine can be used both after rain, as well as in dry seasons. After rain, the cultivator disrupts the soil crust and allows better access of oxygen. On the contrary, when there is a lack of rain, it forms an insulating layer which maintains soil moisture. Another advantage is the mechanical regulation of weed which brings a significant reduction in the cost of chemical protection.

Another new machine made by BEDNAR is Striegel-PRO PE which can be used in the area of management of plant residues and spring soil preparation. The machine, also known as straw harrow, is fitted with two independently controlled work sections of tines. The first four rows of tines in the front section disrupt a layer of soil to up to 4 cm and the rear two rows finalize the surface finish. The machine can be retrofitted with cutting coulters during summer care for after-harvest residues, or with hydraullicaly controlled paddle leveller Crushbar during spring soil preparation. The paddles can be installed on coulters tines and vice versa.

A new group of machines is presented by short disc cultivator Atlas AO_L, discs (diameter 620 mm) are secured through four rubber segments, and by universal cultivators Fenix FO_L with horizontal securing.

New machines and innovative parts of the machines will be officially introduced and analysed in detail in a separate article in the course of 2015.

In conclusion, the company would like to thank all farmers and dealers who have shown confidence in BEDNAR machines. We look forward to continuing the cooperation in 2015. In the course of the year, farmers can follow regular online reports from fields and other events on our website.

Ing. Marek Smika
Brand Manager, BEDNAR FMT s. r. o.


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